Ideas for Filmmakers

First on my mind

Many independent films are produced using actors who provide their own wardrobe. This is due to the shoestring production budgets that filmmakers are working with. There is usually no money to provide wardrobe for the entire cast. Money is only spent if there are special character costumes that are needed for a particular character. Independent filmmakers can easily provide their cast members with wardrobe by getting creative and doing a little research.

It may be difficult for filmmakers to secure items from large companies for his or her wardrobe needs. Companies like The Gap and The Banana Republic may not be too enthusiastic about giving away clothing to a random cash-strapped filmmaker. There are numerous companies and small website owners who would donate their merchandise in exchange for free publicity.

A small link to the apparel store can be placed on the film's website. Filmmakers can also give copies of production photos to the owner of an online shop. The owner could use the photos to market his or her merchandise. Both parties benefit from the exchange. The filmmaker gets wardrobe for free.

The apparel owner gets free publicity for his or her wares. Many Cafepress and Spreadshirt online shops owners would love to donate their merchandise. Various stores can be found by doing an online search. Some fashionable apparel and shoe shops include BusyBodies, SuperoShoes, Unimental Designs and Nike.

Hire a Fashion Expert

Wardrobe can also be provided for independent films by hiring a fashion expert. High-end fashion designers can be expensive. Filmmakers who reside in a town with a fashion school or program can seek assistance by contacting one of the fashion students. A Hollywood-style wardrobe can be created for the mere cost of fabric, tools and on-screen credit. In most cases, fashions students will already have the proper tools to create a professional wardrobe.

The tools can include a sewing machine, measuring tape and a variety of threads. Filmmakers can consult with a fashion student during pre-production to determine which wardrobe items are necessary to create. Many fashion students will be pleased to offer their expertise. A costume or wardrobe credit on an independent film production can be a great resume builder for fashion design students.

Filmmakers who are performing multiple pre-production tasks can also utlilize fashion students for research purposes. If there are not any special wardrobe items that need to be included, fashion students can locate and contact small apparel shops. This will be one less area that an independent filmmaker has to worry about.

Community Donations

Short films usually do not require lots of wardrobe or specialty costumes. Independent feature films may have a large cast that is in need of various wardrobe items. There are some filmmaking articles and books that encourage filmmakers to save money buy purchasing clothes at a thrift store. It is a very useful tip that can be applied to many independent film productions. Wardrobe can also be found in other ways.

Instead of spending money for clothes at a local thrift shop, many wardrobe items can be obtained free of charge. Filmmakers can place flyers around their town, asking for locals to donate unwanted items to an upcoming independent film production. Pick a date and set up a table on the front lawn or in the garage where people can come to donate their clothing. The filmmaker's wardrobe department can be utilized as a local Salvation Army for movies. Many interesting items can be found this way.

What Are Men's Formal Shoes?

You now own a formal suit but now you need a pair of shoes to go with it and you are not sure exactly what they are. You know that your tennis shoes or even your loafers will not work. In this article we will tell you about what is considered men's shoes.

There are two basic shoes in men's shoes. One is a low cut slip on shoe. It has dull ribbed silk bow in front. It is usually made out of patent or leather. The other one is a plain toe lace up shoe. It is a patent leather oxford. These are the two most popular shoe that there is.

Now it comes to what color of shoes should you wear with your suit. This is where the color of your suit comes in. black is the most popular color in shoes. They can be worn with most any color but work best navy, gray and black suits. Brown work best with tan suits. Brown also can work with some navy and black suits.

Which men's shoes work best with most events? The lace up shoes is your best bet. The laces should be set close together and the slip on shoes work well with an event that is a little less formal.

Make sure that you shine your men's shoes on a regular basis. They look better when they are shined and it will help protect the leather. Also if you are going to need shoes often then invest in a couple pair so that you do not wear them out so fast? Men's formal shoes are expensive so you want to take extra care with them. So you are not out buying a new pair every time you turn around.