Brilliant Stereo Mob

Brilliant Stereo Mob

FACT: After the death and resurrection of Brilliant Stereo Mob, they have returned to save rock n’ roll from its sins.

Officially hailed as the "NEXT BIG THING," their presence had been described as "BRILLIANT," "SHOCKING," "RICO," and "SUAVE."

So loosen your shoelaces and join the throngs of screaming teenagers by accepting BSM into your heart.


Fists, Guns & Knives - $9.99
Brilliant Stereo Mob - $8.00


"Ex-KCOU DJ Tyrone Davies' label Loaf-I is dedicated to beyond-cutting-edge experimentation and noise. The Loaf-I spaceship lands on earth to bring a brilliant indie-rock release from a brilliant Utah band. Normally, Loaf-I considers "pop" a dirty word. BSM employs some Britpop, but drowns it in enough droney guitar textures to remind you that you've never heard anything quite like it. Focusing on an energetic multi-medium live show, BSM play in and around Utah, and have opened for the likes of Aden, The Waxwings, Midsummer, Rye Coalition, Microphones, The Liars, Seldom, and Sarah Shannon. They site Spaceman 3, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Pinback, and Death Cab for Cutie as their influences, but I think their approach to music screams Yo La Tengo. The first three tracks on BSM's debut full-length are some of the best songs I've heard recently. Meaningful soundscapes, great lyrics, and just enough patented Loaf-I sonic distractions."
Jason K-fer, Sno-Cone

"...Brilliant Stereo Mob seem quaint and quirky at first, but the majestic swirl of echo-drenched guitars, droning bass and insistent beats suggests that more serious intentions are afoot. Singer [Tim Pearson’s] faux-British accent is forgivable, because nothing else would make sense with this veddy English dream-pop, fiercely fragile stuff that threatens to fade away completely before hitting back with a surprise rave-up like ‘Cowboy Rompin’ (complete with redneck woops and jaw harp). BSM’s nine tracks deliberately build into a wonderful whole before you even realize it."
Bill Frost, Salt Lake City Weekly

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More mp3s: http://www.soundclick.com/brilliantstereomob
Amp 6 Pack: http://www.ampenergy.com/sixpack/band.htm?band=brilliant_stereo_mob
upcoming shows: loaf-i.com

contact info:

Email: stereomob@hotmail.com

band line-up:

Grant Mann: acoustic guitars, accordion
Jessica Schroeder: bass keyboard, keyboard
Matt Nelson: vocals, guitars
Tim Pearson: vocals, guitars
Carolee AhPing: drums

artists website:


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