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              1. Quality Policy

                Quality Recognized All Over the World

                Putting the top priority on Q (Quality) and D (Delivery), Yachiyo has developed the quality policy and engages in various quality assurance activities.

                Under the Yachiyo Company-wide Quality Policy, Yachiyo ensures the construction of quality assurance system and on-site practice of quality assurance activities.

                Development of Quality Assurance Activities

                Yachiyo endeavors to establish the corporate structure of “Never to compromise as for quality” based on the thinking that the enhancement of on-site capabilities is the key to improve quality, and Yachiyo holds evaluation meetings by management at all the manufacturing bases twice a year.

                Considering Q (Quality stabilization), D (Delivery normalization) and C (Cost reduction) as the maximum result, Yachiyo enhances manufacturing capabilities by pursuing the efficiency of manufacturing equipment at all the bases including overseas manufacturing bases.

                Field Evaluation Meeting

                Field Evaluation Meeting at YWM (China)

                Workshops toward the enhancement of manufacturing capabilities are held overseas.


                NY Circle

                Yachiyo started QC circle (Quality Control Circle) activities in 1966 as voluntary activities, and the activities were expanded among associates. And then, the activities were reorganized as the NY Circle in 1990 and the activities have been continued up to date.

                Through the NY Circle activities, each associate has quality awareness, problem awareness and improvement awareness for daily works, and endeavors to willingly improve or solve various problems to create a satisfactory working environment.

                Open Discussion Inside and Outside the Company

                At first, the NY circle activities were carried out mainly by manufacturing divisions, but, thereafter, the activities were expanded to indirect divisions such as technical, R&D, management and sales divisions. Furthermore, the activities were expanded to overseas bases and client companies, and now the NY circle activities are carried out at all the domestic and overseas bases of Yachiyo.

                Yachiyo holds domestic and international competitions for providing opportunities for associates to show the results of daily practice. In the international competitions, associates show their knowledge created in the field of each base with each other, and deepen the relationships among bases through the NY circle.

                Through the NY Circle activities, Yachiyo intends to control and maintain product quality, and, at the same time, Yachiyo hopes that each associate accumulates knowledge and experience, thereby leading to Yachiyo’s further development.

                Expansion of ISO/TS16949 Certification

                Yachiyo promotes to acquire ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System Certification, one of the international standards in the automotive industry. Yachiyo has already acquired ISO/TS16949 Certification at 7 overseas bases, and, in Japan, Yachiyo acquired the Certification in the area of “design and manufacturing of plastic fuel tanks and sunroofs” in February 2013.

                Through the Certification, Yachiyo will construct the world-class firm quality assurance system.

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