Q: So… are you a REAL record label, or what?

A: At loaf-i, we distribute, book, and promote a number of musicians and filmmakers. currently, we do not provide recording time, space or equipment. Comparing a successful indie label like Matador to loaf-i, would be like comparing a cineplex to a second-hand VHS player. Nevertheless, we feel confident that you will hear more about us… eventually. In the mean time, equipment donations are greatly appreciated.

Q: How does a band/filmmaker find her/his/its way onto your website.

A: Most involvement with loaf-i is by invitation only. However, if you feel your music fits well with what we do, feel free to contact us. Film, on the other hand, normally comes to us via the Free Form Film Festival . The best way to show us your films is to submit them to the FFFF.

more answers to more questions coming soon…

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