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Anyway... this ain't no free-for-all. Think of your post on the forum as a letter to the editor...

(04.04.08) Abby: Any new news on the LMA? Is it in a space where it can be viewed?

(04.04.08) loaf-i: We are excited that the Lost Media Archive is going to be housed in the University of Utah's special collections department. Though we expect it will take several months to be integrated and accessible, the collection will be moved into the U of U library in May!


(06.02.07) Hal: Good to hear about the upcoming Mahjongg release! By the way, that Terror Folds video sicked me out! ...but I liked it. Anyone interested in more work like the music videos on this site (loaf-i.com) should check out the work of Craig Baldwin, Negativeland, Tony Gault, and Bill Morrison... Not to Mention Aurthur Lipsett and Bruce Conner!


(05.10.07) zzrifi: I just bought "Raydoncong" (or whatever it's called)at Amoeba but noticed there is no longer a Cold Crush website. Is Mahjongg with you guys now? Are they on a label now?

loaf-i: Mahjongg will have a new album out sometime this year or early next year on K records! Keep an eye on the K website for the release!


(04.08.07) Kabuki33: Does anyone actually read this stuff? Just wondering...


(03.03.07) Jim: Just wondering, but what is loaf-i's relation to the lost media archive? Also, does anyone know when the archive will find itself in a physical space so that we can check stuff out from it?

loaf-i: The Lost Media Archive will hopefully find itself in a space by May. We are not sure of the address yet, but it will be somewhere in Salt Lake City and will be open for rentals during certain hours and will also serve as a really unique screening venue for films and videos. loaf-i, the Free Form Film Festival and the Lost Media Archive all collaborate to put on various events. Soon, there will actually be a DVD out via loaf-i that will include many selections from the LMA!

Also, the LMA is working with the FFFF on gaining a nonprofit status. Soon freeformfilm.org will feature a whole sub-section for the LMA. In the meantime, keep in the loop with the LMA via it's blog site: http://lostmedia.blogspot.com/

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