What is loaf-i?

loaf-i productions is an organization of musicians, filmmakers and media-artists living in various cities and towns across the U.S. The name loaf-i (as in low-fidelity recording) refers to the idea that most independent artists are not wealthy and cannot afford to produce work with the slick sheen of a Hollywood movie, or the hi-fi sound of a top-forty pop recording. At loaf-i, we believe that by developing, and popularizing a low-fi aesthetic, we can cut through the compost of corporate media to help artists and audiences cultivate provocative and inspiring styles of expression.

Who is loaf-i?

video/music head- Tyrone Davies - tyrone@loaf-i.com

web person- Tyler Craft - tyler@loaf-i.com

various bands and filmmakers - click here: bands or here: directors

Why loaf?

dating back to the Neolithic era...

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