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Okay, so the LMA is not a person and thus NOT a "director", but it is a source of some of the most out-there film and video works you will ever see. WE MEAN THIS. Normally, Lost Media Archive compilations will only be available for purchase in person at LMA-related events. There is, however, a very unique selection of videos from the LMA included in the current issue of SANDWITCH. buy a SANDWITCH today!



the LMA is a Utah-based collection of mondo/kitch/cult/ephemeral/experimental/ historical/obsolete/ forgotten/unearthed audio-visual and textual documents. LMA is also a resource for those who cling to bygone media formats. We accept donations of any and all projection, recording and filming devices. When possible, we maintain these machines for use by recordists and filmmakers. The LMA was founded by Blair Sterrett and works together with loaf-i productions and the Free Form Film Festival to arrange screenings, viewings, and concerts. The LMA also promotes and initiates the creation of new and unusual films, albums, performative projects, and book events.

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